Saturday, October 26, 2013

Lord's Name in Vain: More than OMG?

Thou shall not take the Lord's name in vain. A simple command given from God to Moses. It is the only command that God will not hold us guiltless. (gulp!)
So next time you utter Oh my... watch yourself! Now, because of Jesus we are not bound to the Old Testament Law, but have you thought that taking God's name in vain is more than omg/jc/gd etc. Now, I do my best to never utter those words and warn those who chose to. Why would you curse the only one who can save you? Or curse who created you?
Now back to the "more than" part. Saying those swears obviously takes His name in vain. But what about false preaching, lying, intentionally misinterpreting scripture seem to be things that take God's name in vain. Example: a false teacher/preacher is one who claims to speak for God yet is false in their doctrine, would that qualify? I think so. Example: Westbro and their "God hates fags" slogan. Or attempting to speak for God when you really aren't. (again, Westbro. Or any false teacher, cult etc)
Misinterpretation of Scripture, sure if it's accidental and you straighten out your theology (repent) yeah! But if you go throwing random verses and completely miss the point on them. God's name is disrespected is it not?
Any way that we misuse God's name is sinful and should be stopped. Let God be God. Not only is this sinful, it is extremely disrespectful. Sure we say the "substitute" phrases like oh my goodness and oh my. God's name is not uttered wrongly but is that our intention? I sure hope not. (I say goodness.. but never mean to utter God's name unless I read His word or witness, talk about Him etc). Rant over.