Friday, August 16, 2013

Ashton Kutcher's Speech

Although I have never, and will never watch the Teen Choice Awards, a video of Ashton Kutcher's acceptance speech has been making the rounds on social media. I watched it a few times and listened intently. It was hard to drown out the constantly screaming girls which in my mind is very disrespectful when someone is talking. Ashton or should I say "Chris" made very valid points about the world and delivered probably the greatest message outside of the gospels youth need to hear today. It blew my mind because I am seeing this come from the same guy who played lovable idiots like Michael Kelso in That 70's Show and his prank show Punk'd. Let's forget Dude Where's My Car because the movie is just so.....bad but yet funny if your immature like me. I recently heard he was going to play Steve Jobs in a movie about his life. I laughed at first. but then I watched this speech. I don't know what award he got, but he won a lot of respect from a lot of people, including me.
Steve Jobs: I joked around about him, in good fun because of the whole Apple-Hipster thing but he's another man I have high regard for because of the way he changed technology and how he did it. I will watch Ashton attempt to take on the heavy task of being Steve. Making this movie affected him and it is evident in the speech.
I will share a couple highlights and leave a link below

-  Opportunity looks a lot like hard work. I never had a job I was better than, I was just lucky to have a job. I did not quit it until my next one was lined up.
- Being sexy: the sexiest thing you can do is be generous, smart, thoughtful. Everything else is crap! It is crap that people try to sell you, don't fall for it. 

Those statements are so true and can speak to us all. Sometimes we don't think flipping burgers, delivering papers, stocking shelves or pouring coffee is ideal but you are not better than your job. Be thankful and give grace to your bosses by working your butts off and trying your best. If you "hate your job" don't quit, stick it out but keep your options open if you want to move on. We all need money so it would be wise to keep what you have until something else career wise comes up.
Yes ladies and gents the sexiest thing you can be is generous, smart and thoughtful. Nothing turns a man off like an angry, bossy, snarly woman. Ditto for you, men! And I just loved LOVED when he, a celebrity said everything else is crap. So true! Commercials throw a lot of crap like "if you use this soap, women will throw themselves at you" and "this will complete you"... I know you are all smarter than that. Enjoy the video here: