Tuesday, July 2, 2013


*I started this blog entry in March, and just got back to it now*

Last year, I did a blog about "Sunday Shopping" and why I think it is okay to do so. Again, it is a beyond-outdated discussion. But this goes beyond Sunday. Now when God created the universe in six literal days, he rested on the seventh day and established "the Sabbath". On such a  day, The Pentateuch and Jewish Law strictly forbid anyone from doing work but to focus solely on God, attend temple, atone for sins, etc..  When Jesus was eating with the tax collectors on the Sabbath, the Pharisees were furious! To which Jesus replies: (paraphrased) "If one of your sheep went missing, would you go looking for it? Or hold onto your strict laws, letting it die"? Given the historical context behind this and the importance of sheep back then, I'd go find it! I would go beyond this, say someone was sick and your a doctor, would you save a life knowing its the Sabbath? You know my answer..
When I think of a Sabbath, I think of a day where I am not scheduled to work. A day for God and myself. Now is a Sabbath necessarily supposed to be Sunday? I disagree. Why? Look at people who work regularly on Sundays: clergy. They are working, but are also making disciples. Which is why almost every pastor I know has their "Sabbath" on Saturday or Monday. Anyone in the service industry works Sunday, right now I am working nights, working til 6:30am and do not desire to stay up to go to church.
The Jewish Sabbath begins Friday at dinner time and lasts throughout all of Saturday. The Muslim Sabbath is Friday and the Christian is Sunday. Also, God ordained the Sabbath thousands of years before the Julian calendar was even invented. So, on whatever day you have off take time to read, listen to worship music, go be in nature and simply be with God etc. Give that day to Him. Give ALL of your days to Him.
Making use of a Sabbath is beneficial to the soul, do it as often as possible. In a busy, work work work world, try and use some spare time for Christ.