Monday, May 6, 2013


*I spent my 29th birthday on the Grand Canyon. I was surreal! From there we drove all over and ended up in Yuma, AZ right near the border to California. REALLY late at night, like 2am PT Pacific 5am EST. I was pooped, but it gave me time to reflect on my life. This was written, in those wee hours of April 24th in Yuma*

Twenty Nine

Twenty-Nine Years
Twenty-Nine Tears
Twenty-Nine Chances
Twenty-Nine Glances
Twenty-Nine Times I sin
Twenty-Nine Times I am forgiven

Every new day, every new year, on this earth I trod
Brings about my fear, my fear of God.

A fear that does not produce terror, but reverence and respect
A fear that allows me to obey and expect.

God to be God, may His will be done
By the cross of Christ, where victory is won.

*Twenty-Nine years, God has blessed me beyond all I can understand. I am unworthy of it all, but God is so good!*