Monday, September 30, 2013

5-Great Video Game Endings *CONTAINS some SPOILERS*

This list is not based on the quality of the endings, but also the overall game itself and the feeling after beating it. As well as things I may have went through while playing it.
Video games have been a big part of my life for over 23 years and is still a favourite pass time. Some say that they are a waste, but I could say in return that your s (let's say reading) is a waste. But I'm not  a jerk like that. Beating one brings about a great sense of accomplishment because games envelop us into a new environment full of characters, enemies and surroundings that we get emotionally attached to in a way. They can be an escape for those who struggle in society (eg bullying).

Honorable mentions: Halo 4
: I was new in Sauble playing a new game with a new friend. When Halo 4 came out, Frito Lay and Pepsi teamed together to give you double XP for your online character when you purchased mountain dew or Doritos. We went through many bags and beat the main campaign on co-op, while building up a character in online matches. Certain scenes were rather hard, especially with Cortana.

5- Super Mario World- 1995
- I had a friend in public school who was a couple years younger than me. This did not impress friends in my grade but I didn't care. Stu is a cool dude. He also had a Super Nintendo, one summer we played through the entire game and after many hard tries, defeated Bowser. After which we ran around the apartment like the sugar high kids we were. Yes, we did all 96 levels!

4- Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
- The year was 2009, the place: Lower Wideman Room 1, Emmanuel Bible College. During a look-in for prospective students, Michael, Caleb and I stayed up into the wee hours of Thursday-Friday and played the entire game in one sitting. 3 friends, one game and we had class at 8:30. Meaning we all had a LOT of coffee for breakfast. We played the anti-reg campaign because.... anti-reg! No way we're signing that stupid Superhuman Registration Act! Plus, I think we all fought over who would be Deadpool! Good times!

3- Clash at Demonhead- 2003
- A rare NES game and a rather obscure one. Originally discovered by longtime friend Andrew. One night at my trailer (cottage), we marathoned this classic, while likely under the influence (before I was Christian). And fondly remember screaming at the insane puzzles, the oddly numeric interconnected road system. The final boss fight against Tom Guycott (weird name, skull guy boss) was not memorable but the way to finish the game was to defuse a doomsday bomb by putting the coins you find when defeating bosses. If you screw up, you die. It was a true nerd-rage-game.

2- Paper Mario: Series 2002, 2005
- Yeah, although I am giving the nod to Thousand Year Door I have played every Paper Mario game and beaten 3 of them. I'll give a brief overview of the first 3,
*Paper Mario 1: A must have for the N64 that started the obscurely gimmicked RPG. Origially slated to be a direct sequel to the underrated SNES hit Mario RPG, this game had said elements in it while having a cartoony, paper-based feel to it. It was a 2D game in a 3D world as a 2D sprite that ca fold like paper. Teh first game was not as memorable but very fun. I loved going to the moon to face Bowser while Peach's castle was suspended in the air. Downside: I had to beat both Bowser's AND Peach's castle. However, during Peach's sidequests, you can make enemies look dumb by setting "traps" that have useful items (badges, mushrooms). The final bowser fight was meh but it felt good to beat.
*Thousand Year Door*- A perfect game and remains my favourite of the 4. One of the best games on Gamecube basically takes the first Paper Mario game, expands it  over 9000!! The premise of this game revolves around Princess Peach getting captured by someone other than Bowser. 7 Crystal Stars are spread throughout the world and this magic map to the Thousand Year Door, with both Bowser (whom you can play as during side quests in between crystal stars.) The final boss is a strange demon called The Shadow Queen who possesses Peach for part of the battle. It is by far the longest and hardest boss I have beaten in an RPG game. The feeling of satisfaction after beating it in 2006 was unmatched! The ending was beautiful too. After watching the credits, you save and KEEP PLAYING? Return to Rogueport and do the other side quests!

1- Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
- 2002. It took me a long time to even get past the Water Temple. One night after watching my friends play hockey I wiped out hardcore on my way home leaving my knee a bloody bruised mess. After limping up my driveway to my house, I put on some tea and elevated my knee (rhyme!). After cruising through the Spirit Temple, I got to Ganon's Tower. Which I admit using Gamefaqs for the first time around. In the wee hours of an icy winter night, I witnessed the end of my favourite game ever. The end is typical to happy endings in games. All characters unite and party in Hyrule Field and wouldn't you know it? Zora's Domain unfreezes. I wish it would have after the Ice Cavern or the Water Temple. Ganon's Battle reminded me of the one in Link to the Past. I remember being a bit of a "spiritual seeker" at this time. God was using people in my life to speak some truth into my life.