Thursday, May 9, 2013


There is a Canyon, deep within my soul.
Deeper than the sin that I can take toll
So many sins, I am losing my footing
Falling off the edge is very off-putting
The edge of the cliff is my only one choice
As I prepare to jump, I can hear Satan rejoice
But before I leap I hear a voice yell "STOP"!
He explains to me that God is on top
Of his life, priorities and that he has peace
As I pray, all of my trails cease.
Now this canyon, contains all of my sin.
God throws it in, "IT IS FINISHED!" Christ, over death his victory does win. 

*Written April 23, 2013. On the Grand Canyon*

Monday, May 6, 2013


*I spent my 29th birthday on the Grand Canyon. I was surreal! From there we drove all over and ended up in Yuma, AZ right near the border to California. REALLY late at night, like 2am PT Pacific 5am EST. I was pooped, but it gave me time to reflect on my life. This was written, in those wee hours of April 24th in Yuma*

Twenty Nine

Twenty-Nine Years
Twenty-Nine Tears
Twenty-Nine Chances
Twenty-Nine Glances
Twenty-Nine Times I sin
Twenty-Nine Times I am forgiven

Every new day, every new year, on this earth I trod
Brings about my fear, my fear of God.

A fear that does not produce terror, but reverence and respect
A fear that allows me to obey and expect.

God to be God, may His will be done
By the cross of Christ, where victory is won.

*Twenty-Nine years, God has blessed me beyond all I can understand. I am unworthy of it all, but God is so good!*

Thursday, May 2, 2013


*I wrote this poem while walking around the Grand Canyon on April 23, 2013. It was truly a spectacular sight. This was the first part of the canyon I saw and immediately took a picture. God literally stole my breath with this beautiful piece of His creation. It did not have a specific 1-2-1-2 poetic rhyming style, but not all poems do. Enjoy!-JF*

I stand at the spot where God stole my breath
So much so, I found myself near the point of death
How a God could create a sight so beautiful
So breathless
So complex
So huge, and I am ever grateful.
My heart pounds in anticipation with each next sight
Leaving me breathless by the power of His might
The same might that caused Earth's waters to flood
So deep is this Canyon, deep as the sin paid by his blood
So wide is this Canyon, as wide as my sin is cast
Eternity is more beautiful than this Canyon? How can that be so? 
God saves the best sights for last, this much I know.

*I was truly in awe here. I felt so small, so inadequate, so lacking in worth. Looking down the Canyon,  I could spot people camping far off. They felt even smaller. From God's perspective, this Canyon is a dot. And I am even smaller than said dot, yet God still spots me and shines! It was a reminder of God being in control of my life, and despite my daily failures to live up to His standards, God is love, God is Justice and forgiveness has already happened at the cross*.