Sunday, April 28, 2013

Route 66, a poem.

On Old Route 66
I realized my heart needed a fix
Thoughts racing
Faith erasing
Escaping a past that kept me from God
Yet, He finds me. As in the desert I trod
Route 66. Where my faith began to take shape
Each new face, each new day, each new blessing I did tape
To my wall, the wall of my soul. To pray without ceasing.
That my Saviour, My God would find my life pleasing

*I thought of this on Route 66. It was written somewhere in I think Oklahoma or New Mexico. I was not really challenging my own faith but I imagined myself in a different life. As someone who would of grown up there years ago. Going down Route 66 to California and pondering life. It stretched from Illinois to there, as the only way there once. It still stands as a long stretch of road, adjacent to the freeway. Went on it for a bit. Nice, scenic, historic.* Written April 21, 2013.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Untitled Poem. Inspired by Relient K's "Deathbed"

When I breathe my last breath, I pray Jesus carries me home.
On distant shores, I here him speak in parable and poem.
"I am the way, truth and life" He says as I fall, rendered mute and dumb
I ponder: "Why am I allowed in glory when my sin made me so numb?"
I was there, mocking the dying Christ by my foolish, unwise choices.
Yet, despite that; His death covers my sins and turns tears of pain to rejoices.
When I close my eyes for the last time, Oh Lord I do pray.
That you carry me home, where at your feet I will lay.

*Written April 26, 2013. While on vacation in Denver. Lots of free time gave me material for many poems to be published here soon*