Tuesday, November 13, 2012


What Would Jesus Do? An often used and abused quote by us Christians. It has found its way into pop culture by those classic bracelets, t-shirts and memorabilia  Much like the rainbow afro guy holding up a John 3:16 sign at nearly every sporting event (older folks may remember). Not surprisingly  this quote the source of ridicule but when you really think about it, it is kind of a farce. How can we know what Jesus would do? Based on Scripture, we have a pretty good idea but some things have become grey areas because people over-think it. People at times even (to quote a good friend) "trivialize the sacred." I know I am guilty of it.

To share a few examples: I was having a conversation with a former colleague who shared a story about a bachelor party that ended up the Strippers. Of course, as a married Christian man he refused to enter, much to the chagrin of his friends. He then asks me "Fretz, do you think Jesus would enter a strip joint?" I can just hear the voices of the Conservative "NO NO NO!! My Lord would not enter such a vile place." Well.. how do you know? Are you  Jesus? Let me see your scars.  When you think about it: Our minds and hearts are vile places. Sin places thoughts, lustful desires there and only the sacrifice of Jesus absolves it. Jesus went to people and places that were considered the scum and outcasts of the earth. The Pharisees always slammed Jesus for eating with the tax collectors and whores, doing what was considered unlawful on the Sabbath and occasionally cracked a whip.
Now, we all know Jesus was not capable of sin and that Mary Magdeline was a prostitute. In my mind, there is little to no difference between a stripper and a prostitute. One takes off clothes for money, the other has intercourse for money. So, is it a grey area? Would Jesus go in, like to witness, make disciples? Probably. Should we go in? No. It is not a sinful grey area, pretty clear sexual immortality is not grey. Jesus enters the hearts of SINNERS.

Another example is from a poll question Life 100.3 did on their Facebook page. American pastor Mark Driscoll was advocating for the UFC and Mixed Martial Arts while Life polled "is this something Christians should watch". This bore the question someone raised "would Jesus be cheering in the sidelines to such a barbaric sport?" .
A: Fighting is not barbaric, it happens in several sports. It is competition, people stop when they cannot take any more pain
B: Some churches are using UFC as an outreach for Men's Ministries. It is beneficial because many people today are wary of churches. What matters most is that disciples are being made, not how it is done. Christ can be glorified in almost anything, sports is one of them. There are several solid believers in the UFC. Sports are meant for competition, to see who is better. There are only winners. Some people, including myself take it a little far on the whole fan thing. Although I have settled down considerably. It is just a game.

What would Jesus do? Well, we get some good ideas in Scripture but don't just throw it into every single possible scenario. Especially when it does not make sense. In the words of a former professor "we've made the image Jesus to look like a gentle hippie." We forget the other side of Jesus, we sing happy songs when we know we're faking it. You don't see any hymns/praise songs about being depressed. But we should have them, so it makes our worship truer and more real! Because Jesus can see right through it all.