Friday, November 9, 2012

Christians and Alcohol

Probably one of the most talked about topic by people in youth ministry. The Bible is quite clear on alcohol, it is a sin but (uh oh! he said but after the word sin...) it is something that requires wisdom as it is not universally condemned. The Bible also teaches that complete abstinence from alcohol is a sign of total devotion to God. Daniel and John the Baptist both chose to abstain for their devotion. The excuse many believers and non-believers come up with is "Jesus drank wine" to partake in a drink. I am not slamming alcohol nor am I defending it. Actually as I type this I am enjoying a glass of Cabernet red wine. Delicious and full of anti-oxidants. I have had drinks with several believers, socially and have even used avenues like bars to witness. Then, mature or more traditional Christians would ask "would Jesus go into a bar?" I'd say yes. As believers, we are called to go out into the world and make disciples, it does not say anything about HOW. Look at the Christian music scene: Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet, Sleeping Giant, As I Lay Dying,  Disciple, Pillar, POD; all believers who all tour with secular bands. Disciple building (yes pun intended) and proclaiming the gospel! I've shared a beer with members of Five Iron Frenzy, while hearing some very intriguing life stories.

So...Drinking, be wise! If you want to do it, do moderately. If you have an addictive personality, it is better to abstain. To quote an inside joke between an old pastor and I "GM, therefore BMW" God Matters, therefore Be Most Wise!