Sunday, July 8, 2012

The poetry bug

The last few nights, I've been unable to sleep. So I got out my journal and did some poetry. Now I am not the best at it, (ask any girl, I suck at it haha) but my heart was poured out.  Enjoy!

Every New Day

Every new day
I must find a way
To run the race
Guided by your grace
My struggles go on
Wisdom I lack
All my sins pile on my back
I yearn for peace
For a release
From Satan's hate
To a heavenly fate
To a world without end
Where my brokenness will mend
In God's healing hands I stay
Every new day.

A dream

I had a dream that I was in love
Life was bliss, a gift from above
Nothing could stop us
In eachother we did trust
Then love left me
I was so empty
Wanting to die
No tears left to cry
My fate was sealed
When my heart was healed
I looked up and saw a tree
It said love has died for me
No human could ever love you
As God says He will do.


Can you hear me?
Future wife?
It's me!
With whom you'll spend you're life
Wherever you are, I promise this
To have and to hold in God's perfect bliss
Only Jesus could love you more than I
Even though, you know I will try
Not even death will separate me
From loving you for eternity
With God's great love, we become one
A brighter love than any sun
Until then I can only dream
Of a woman I'll treat as a queen

Daylight Dawns
Daylight, will you please save me tonight?
I am not coming home, I can no longer fight
Another battle with the flesh
All my sins begin to mesh
Shine on without me now
As the sun takes its final bow
Darkness falls and all is black
No light gets in from any crack
Surely now, my fate is sealed
Layers of my skin are peeled.
Suddenly I hear a shout
“Hark! A light! A way out!”
A light so bright, I become blind
And my whole life flies by in mind
I kneel down, begin to pray
“Father, I do not deserve to stay”
Before I could even speak
I heard every sin from every week
That I committed against Him.
I remembered and I cried
God said “ This is why my Son died”
For you, for all your sin
That you may enter in.
To see a daylight that never ends
Where on God's promises life depends.