Sunday, June 24, 2012

The lost art of evangelism... but is is supposed to be an "art" ? And the art of the Green Tea crash.

I am not an evangelist. At all. This is probably because this is not taught.. well maybe not properly. Upon a few dictionary searches this is what came up:  "The preaching or promulgation of the gospel."  or Missionary zeal, purpose or activity. Despite not coming from a Christian family, I started going to Awana and Sunday School around age 9 and was told to tell people about Jesus and that's all. (leaving out the persecution part.... or the part where I got beat up.. .. but I did not know what that was until I was 20... the hard way) I have always wrestled with evangelism despite the fact we should all do it somehow. Some methods are different than others, some work some don't and some need generous (or massive) tweaking.  I wrestled with this because I have seen Christians abusing. God is love and God is just, now because we believe that, should we not try and nudge others to try and live better? In a way, yes. But how should we do this? By standing on the street corner and yelling? I wouldn't, it takes guts, hardcore faith and more guts n faith. By preaching? By being a speaker on behalf of God, gently guiding people to holiness? Perhaps relational evangelism, getting to know someone genuinely. Being concerned for their eternal security and getting to know the person inside, without having some kind of agenda. All may work for some, but should we come down on people?

In a way, all Christians are wired to evangelize. Perhaps from a good dosage of teaching they receive themselves. I believe it can come up supernaturally, God wills for all to be saved and receive the knowledge of the truth of Scripture (1 Tim 2:4). We should make disciples and find ways to tell others about Jesus without being condescending. One such issue that comes to mind is gays. Yes, being gay is a sin and not God's view for relationships, how the church approaches it is rather sketchy. I have been brought up to respect people no matter what they do, but as a true loving and just person, must I tell them to stop? I feel sorry for people who are marginalized because of this; on both sides of the fence. I am not an advocate for people who practice it because it is indeed unbiblical but in my heart, I cannot tell them to stop because God gives us free will. But does He predestine people for destruction? I'd be very worried and bugged if He did. Stealing and lying is also unbiblical, so it should be treated on equal grounds. It skews the image God creates us in as much as anything. I feel that the unloved should be loved, guiding them to the amazing grace of God.

Marriage is God's idea, Genesis 2:24 man and woman. I am sorry peeps who support gay marriage but foundationally is FOR man and woman. Although I think church and state should be separate entities.

On a slightly different train of thought; sin is separation from God. Now, if we see someone (or do ourselves) continue in a sin should we question their salvation? THAT is SCARY! If I struggle a lot with (blank) than I might not be saved? Hmm...

SO evangelism, what's your take? and on anything else?