Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Sunday Shopping Conundrum

For quite some time now, most if not all stores have been open on Sundays. In 1982, the Canadian government upheld The Lord's Day Act (and rightfully so) since it violated the soon-to-be-created Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The Lord's Day Act was deemed unconstitutional in 1990 and stores were open Sundays from then on.
Now, for some pathetic reason, some Christians still oppose this. Seriously! Get over it! It is not salvific so no need for concern.  But, I have seen believers abuse their freedom of speech in order to violate the rights of others (like protesters). Since not everyone beleives the Bible, why should we force our beliefs into government? Because we think it's wrong? I am sorry but that is foolishness. Everyone has the GOD GIVEN right to do what ever they please.  Below is the response from an assignment I did on it.

Businesses being open on a Sunday is an outdated argument, but for when the article was written it was a bigger deal to Christians. Today, many accept the fact that everything is open Sunday. Although this issue has become increasingly irrelevant, there are still some who believe it is a sin for stores to be open Sundays. The Christian defence for this, albeit a weak one is found in Exodus 20:8-10; “Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy. Six days you shall work but the seventh day is a sabbath of the Lord your God. You shall not work, nor your son, daughter, servant, animals or sojourners”. It should be understood that this comes from Old Testament covenant law and that these are not the only things God commands of His followers.
Some believers read this passage too literally and do no work or shop on Sundays. In a pluralistic, supply and demand society I can see the need for stores open on Sundays. It is good for the economy.
I do not see any issue with having stores open on Sundays. Not everyone agrees with biblical principles, so believers have absolutely no right to judge others. Trying to Christianize law and customs of the world is naive because everyone has free will and the right to chose customs and beliefs for themselves.
I believe in the importance of a day of rest, the sabbath is meant for gathering and worshipping the Lord (even though we should have an attitude of worship all the time). Taking a day of rest is not only healthy for the body but for the Christian walk as well. A sabbath edifies us in our Christian walk. If one were to take this passage literally, they could not eat, feed their families, animals or necessary chores when one lives on a farm. Reading into Scripture requires a dose of reality and open-mindedness, even if others do not agree with it.