Thursday, April 12, 2012

The End of the Beginning. Four Years of Awesome

Next week I graduate from Emmanuel Bible College. Wow! I cannot believe I am saying that! The past 4 years of my life are cuminating and closing a book in my life. I have come to love Emmanuel and despite being a commuter this year, I still consider it my home. It will always be home to me. Many relationships and friendships have developed over the years, but none mean more to me than the people pictured above: Mike, Jason and Anna. Despite having a one semester advantage over them, we hit it off first year pretty much from day one. We are all graduating in the youth ministry program, a youth min family! What can I say about the past 4 years? Well... they flew by much faster than I desired them to. EBC has brought me through a lot of growth, happiness, tears, struggles, freedom, stress, relationships, reconciliation and many other things....and papers. Oh the papers! Wrote some good ones that really made me think and develop theologically. I see a pretty big difference from the day I walked into EBC from today. I am never the type to toot my own horn but my mind has opened, I have grown significantly and have solidified what I believe is my calling in life. I notice many changes, but still see a few struggles. The struggles are there, from pain I experienced but nobody is perfect, God loves me.. (which I still find hard to grasp sometimes) From the laughs of pranks like fake eviction letters and hidden alarm clocks- to "back farts" (ask Riddols) to Zehrs trips with Brandon- to room mate-ing with Jon- to Theological-induced stress with Mike to fun that caused us to watch every comic book movie ever made.  TO fun with Infusion to Nitro to random craziness to the daunting theology seminar and now to today: on the cusp of my degree. I cannot believe it. More highlights:

- The first people I met at EBC: Graham Sweet, Drew Peterson, Rachel Neumeister and John Hamill. Immediately they welcomed me and showed me the ropes.
- Working with Jeff Angst, a devout Habs fan and all the trash talk between us. Later became a good friend. Amazing cook too!
- Having fun with Brandon Meyers, either by poorly attempting to emulate his amazing singing voice or playing random board games and eating exotic fruit we experimented with.
- Meeting my now closest friends: Jay Bowes, Mike Wilson, Anna Hobden, Braeden Burrows, Al Barry, Jeremy Hewitt, Crystine Lloyd, Dan Weber, Jessica Weber,  Jesse Goulet to name a few. (theres many more)
- Having to deal with theology stress. Without saying a word, Mike Wilson walks in and turns on X-Men. This is how we unloaded our stress.
- Messing with Hamill's alarm clock.
- Being fake evicted.
- Ball hockey.
- Weekly Leafs games in Trevor's room.
- General insanity of residence life.
- Random people walking into dorm to chat.
- The support I had from my failed relationships.
- Guys night!
- Chapel
- PJ's
- Pancakes
- Bob, Brett and Schuit classes
- Youth Min Family
- And more amazing people and even more amazing experiences

This is the end of the beginning of the next step. My time at EBC is over and now I look forward to the future, and as much as I would love to peek into the next chapter I know God's got a plan for my career. EBC has taught me how to be a true man of God, think critically, be REAL and dig deep into Scripture; not just surface read it. I cannot put into words what EBC has meant to me. Maybe I can write a book ahaha!