Monday, November 28, 2011

"Where were you when...." moments

Yesterday, I was bored, so I went on youtube and watched some old hockey videos. After some surfing I came accross the 2010 Olympics. You know, that Gold Medal we won beating the Americans (hahaha!!) I watched a few different versions of the "golden goal" that Sidney Crosby scored. Truly an unforgettable moment. One I will remember for life. So, even though this was almost two years ago? Where were you? This, along with a couple of other events in recent history have one of those "where were you when..." moments. 9/11, JFK assassination, Moon Landing,  The year 2000/Y2K scare.

I was at the common lounge in EBC, procrastinating as usual. We were having a gold medal game party. Close to all 90+ people on res, and then some were over enjoying the game. Many wearing Canada jerseys, rooting hard for our country's team. The entire room went from an odd hush to a couple bad words when USA tied the game in the 3rd. The room was quiet until OT started and went crazy when Crosby scored the game winner. Many a high five and many a hug were exchanged. Oh Canada played and I, along with my EBC brethren stood up and sung the song proudly. Just as this was ending, my ride to church arrived. I think I was preaching at Benton that night, so when I was doing some last minute prep, I heard Oh Canada coming from the sanctuary! What a win!! Many honking horns, drunken celebrations took place for hours after the game. Here it is:

So, where were you when Crosby scored the golden goal?

Where were you at any of those other big moments?