Friday, May 20, 2011

Pat Answers

When someone is in distress how often do we as Christians give pat answers? For example: someone is struggling with lust or having relationship problems, mostly we answer "I'm sorry, I'll pray for you. God is in control".

Although that does seem sincere and God IS always in control, even when life bites. You do should indeed pray for said person right away (keep a list so you remember). But over time, as we mature in the faith the answer never seems to change, and if the same person in still down in the dumps what is the best answer? I've had pat answers again and again, they can get sickening. So, if someone texts you at 2 am with an urgent issue and you say I'll pray for you, let's talk or God loves you. Be sincere about it and be with them, even electronically or cell-phone-ally. Still today when a friend texts me to pray, even if I am distracted by gaming with friends my brain kicks into prayer mode.

However, the one example of pat answers that really grinds my gears is: "the bible says it, God said it therefore it is true. period." With today's society being more skeptical than ever, we as Christ followers cannot fulfill the Great Commission like that. Investigate your faith, yes! believe the bible is true but look through world history about the foundation of Christianity, Jesus and those famous biblical people. 

For those who subscribe to the "young universe" theory INVESTIGATE IT! Inside and outside of scripture because if we want to witness to a lost, atheistic world we must know how to defend our faith unapologetically and smartly. Not by protesting (see older posts for my opinion on protests).

Pat answers are the easiest defence mechanism but they can sometimes make us look dumb or insincere.