Tuesday, March 8, 2011


What's the first thing you think when you hear the word Unplugged? Turning out the lights, unplugging all of your gadgets and doing undisturbed work? A few weeks ago, our youth went on a retreat with the theme of Unplgged. We disallowed cellphones and games. Now your thinking "James, banning phones and such? Your on crack?" well, this was not to condemn electronics but to see what life is like outside of them. Plus, that part wasn't totally my idea :P
And that we do not need electronics. Yes, technology allows us even to proclaim to the world that we're on the toilet. Experiencing God in nature, especially in beautiful Bruce County. One of the leaders, Jem asked for people to be in silence for about 2-3 minutes. How fast does our mind go? Pretty crazy living in a city. So being quiet for that long, my brain was thinking "Reading week coming up, what's on TV, who texted me, what smells, did I spill my tea, man I have a lot of papers to do". But when we (try) to quiet our minds, and meditate on God's word. There is an unexplainable peace that comes over us.
When I returned to my dorm, it was going back to regular life. Controlled by technology. Sure, the only way some stay in touch with me is via social networking, there comes a time where we should turn off the cellphone, mute the iPod and unplug the Xbox and be still and know God.
There is a great disconnect between us and God sometimes, re-connect and unplug.
Also: the occasional Podcast is beneficial. If you are a janitor like me, the iPod is on to kill time while cleaning toilets. I recommend: James MacDonald's walk in the word, Mosaic podcast and Hannover Missionary Church (EBC Prof Jason Mills is the pastor, very solid).