Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bullying.. it's gotta STOP!!

I think by now most of us have seen this video. If your on Facebook, at least 4 of your friends have shared this. Jonah, a young boy who is now well into his 8th grade year has been bullied since grade 1, and cutting since then too. How on earth do people live with themselves torturing others to the point of self-harm? I cried tears of anger and of sorrow for this kid. At such a young age, he's contemplated suicide. But as you see later on, he says "I have a million reasons to live". I was reminded of a heart breaking story of a ten year old girl who hanged herself after being bullied 10 YEARS OLD!! Something has gotta be done!!
Bullying has been a problem in schools since...forever. I was bullied a lot, especially in my first few years of elementary school. For no good reason, I was taunted, teased, pushed and beat up. In second grade, a kid pulled a knife on me at his friend's house. Never before have I ran so fast! Now I wasn't a perfect kid, I made mistakes on the playground, got in some fights and took part in unnecessary teasing. I lost friends as a result. Peer pressure: it's not cool!   If I ever have kids and one becomes a bully, I will have failed as a father and live with regret. I will still love him/her but pray for a change of heart. Bullies themselves, usually have stuff going on at home and use school kids as an outlet. Now that is no excuse!! Is there BS in the house? Your folks wont listen to reason, talk to teacher/councillor/principal at school or heck! Confide in a friend's parents, don't lash out on the innocent. People deserve to be treated as equals, as humans. This kind of thing reaffirms my desire to work with kids, to help those who are bullied. And help bullies seek redemption and have a change of heart. There is nothing more transforming than the love of Christ. Show it everywhere you go!!

Despite that, I think that the schools need to crack down hard on bullies and make punishments harsh again. When I was a kid, we stood against the fall or corner, facing it with our heads down while getting a mouthful from the recess supervisor (mostly a parent volunteer). Now, that is considered "humiliating and wrong". Give me a break!! Then you wonder why some kids just go wild. Enough ranting... bullies.... suck.
over and out