Monday, November 28, 2011

"Where were you when...." moments

Yesterday, I was bored, so I went on youtube and watched some old hockey videos. After some surfing I came accross the 2010 Olympics. You know, that Gold Medal we won beating the Americans (hahaha!!) I watched a few different versions of the "golden goal" that Sidney Crosby scored. Truly an unforgettable moment. One I will remember for life. So, even though this was almost two years ago? Where were you? This, along with a couple of other events in recent history have one of those "where were you when..." moments. 9/11, JFK assassination, Moon Landing,  The year 2000/Y2K scare.

I was at the common lounge in EBC, procrastinating as usual. We were having a gold medal game party. Close to all 90+ people on res, and then some were over enjoying the game. Many wearing Canada jerseys, rooting hard for our country's team. The entire room went from an odd hush to a couple bad words when USA tied the game in the 3rd. The room was quiet until OT started and went crazy when Crosby scored the game winner. Many a high five and many a hug were exchanged. Oh Canada played and I, along with my EBC brethren stood up and sung the song proudly. Just as this was ending, my ride to church arrived. I think I was preaching at Benton that night, so when I was doing some last minute prep, I heard Oh Canada coming from the sanctuary! What a win!! Many honking horns, drunken celebrations took place for hours after the game. Here it is:

So, where were you when Crosby scored the golden goal?

Where were you at any of those other big moments?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Five Iron Frenzy is NEITHER dead or dying

For those who may not know, I am a BIG fan of Five Iron Frenzy. They are a Christian punk/ska band from Denver, CO formed in the early 90's. My buddy Matt at Selah introduced me to them before I became a believer.  He made a CD with Christian artists like Jeremy Camp, Skillet, Five Iron, Pillar, TFK and KJ-52 as a witness to me. Much appreciated buddy!!
FIF split in 2003 after an incredible career spanning almost a decade. Songwriter Reese Roper (seen above with me)  is quite the poet in his songs and is very outspoken about issues in the church such as the treatment of "outcasts and homosexuals". One song in particular that stands out is Fahrenheit
In this song, Reese talks about Freddie Mercury dying of aids, at first saying "I was in eighth grade, I said he was a queer, I thought he had it coming,  he died of AIDs that year. My liberty, Like Christ's death meant nothing to me".  ouch!! that's harsh, but later in the song Reese redeems himself by saying "Love the sinner, hate the sin". Another song, I posted years ago called "Under Bridges" he says that "Jesus dying of AIDS can see right through you"  and "Saviour of the prostitutes, drunkards, rapists and the gays". 
Wow... powerful! The man knows how to write a song that plucks the heartstrings. 

But his best song, is with side project Brave Saint Saturn, is a song called "Daylight". No words can describe how great it is. Just watch: When I met Reese (see above pic) I told him that Daylight is a masterpiece and the greatest song I have EVER heard. 

So......Five Iron Frenzy is BACK!! New song on the website and an upcoming tour. Thinking of road tripping to Denver for the show!! yeah that's right!!! Brace yourself for the mediocre!!! (oh the truly EPIC!!) The journey from Kitchener to Denver would be a loooooong one but so worth it!

Top 10 FIF songs

1. World Without End
2. Every New Day
3. Eulogy
4. A New Hope
5. Fahrenheit
6. Handbook for the Sellout
7. Where the Zero Meets the Fifteen
8. Far, Far Away
9. Dandelions
10. On Distant Shores

Top other Reese Songs

1. Daylight-BS2
2. Estrella- BS2
3. Gloria- BS2
4. Matthias Replaces Judas- Showbread & Reese
5. Under Bridges- BS2
6. Still The One- Roper
7.  The Beginning- Showbread & Reese
8. Shadow of Def- BS2
9. 2-29- Bs2
10. Heart Still beats- BS2