Saturday, April 23, 2011


Well today is my birthday, got a new bed for my pad and some money from my rents. Celebrating with the roomie, nice and chill. Maybe have another friend or two over. At 27, I am valuing wisdom and what I learn more. I have come to appreciate books and deep thinking. Not just knowing OF my faith, things about it but a more intimate walk with Christ. As I reflect upon this past year at EBC which is now over. I remember how hard it was, the breakups (yes more than one failed relationship, neither of which were my fault. I think), the hard assingments, the spiritual battles, tears of joy and misery. But I mostly remember where God pulled my out of said situations. Where my friends were there for me. September, I begin my end of EBC. It's sad, it's bittersweet. I will treasure that place forever, but I will finish as a commuter not a res student

Also: I just started reading CS Lewis' Screwtape Letters, give it a chance. Lewis is amazing!