Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Theology and Hyrule

As you can tell, I am a giant video game nerd. If you are not a gamer or a nerd kind of person, you can skip over this post.
Among my all-time favourite games is Legend of Zelda: The Orcarina of Time. Ever since I first played it almost 11 years ago, I have loved it like no other game. It has excellent re-play value even today. I recently played through it again, dusting off my old N64 and beat it again yesterday. This time around, I have noticed many theological things in this game.

The Triforce, which is an attainable item in past Zelda games is divided into 3 parts: power, wisdom and courage. And are divided among 3 people: the hero Link, Princess Zelda and the main villain of all Zelda games: Gannondorf (aka Ganon in his beast form). Anyways, the three parts also had fairies that created the fantasy land of Hyrule. I can see that the trinity (God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). Combine to create not only the world but the ability and freewill to be good or evil. The triforce is a coveted jewel that basically makes the wish of anyone come true. Gannon gets a hold of it twice and turns Hyrule into a wasteland. So, we can see spiritual battle here. Ganon=Satan maybe?? 

Anyways, before I go on a nerd spree, for those who know the games can already nod in agreement in what I am saying. Although Link does not die to redeem Hyrule, he saves them from evil like any other game. But from observing how the game plays out, is very theological. A kid is selected to go on a quest, collect things and unite seven sages (who you meet as a kid) to defeat evil. Gannon cannot stand light, making the legendary Light Arrow his main weakness. Ganon is sealed in the sacred realm after being defeated and Link gets to re-live the childhood that was sealed for seven years (okay the seven sound familiar?)

One more reference: Majora's Mask allows Link to collect 25 masks to characterize different species and people much like the masks we wear in life to cover up our realness.

That's all, I'm nerded out! How can I elaborate? :P

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  1. haha! awesome. yeah, we own (or at least, dad has played) almost every Zelda game out there. we're super-huge video game nerds, too. ;)