Sunday, May 30, 2010


It's been a while. A hard month, but God is growing in me. Speaking some awesome things to my heart and using some amazing friends to pull my face out of the dirt. I have needed a place to vent, via journal or texting and even sharing some laughs with friends. It all helps. So does my devotionals. Finally I get back into a good devo routine.

This week was an emotional struggle for many reasons, and I found this poem in my journal from the 27th.

Jesus Christ: collector of my tears, eraser of my fears
In the light, you are there. In the dark you are there.
In sin, sadness, gladness and sadness. Even when life seems unfair.
Take me as I am, to a place where I cannot be damned.
Heavyhearted, I seek your face. To drop my burdens at the cross.
To that on high place.

I am praising and trusting God no matter what. Sometimes we gotta walk the dark valleys to reach the light. I'm chasing it Lord! and I know you are there. My heart will sing how great you are!!