Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Winter/Spring Semester

Now, as I sit at home in Cannington, thinking of another semester flown by faster than the speed of sound; I am reminded of many things. This was a period of rebuilding. Shortly before I began the semester, I kind of felt like the Six Million Dollar Man. God was kind of like the team of doctors working on Stephen Austin (not to be confused with the wrestler) saying "we can rebuild him, we have the technology."

As the semester began, so did my new internship at Benton Street Baptist. Those who know me well know I've said I'd likely not do church ministry because of what happened at my home church. But I did not let that try to bring me down. BSBC immediately became home for me. The first time I walked into the sanctuary I was welcomed and even directed to where other college students sit. Bonus: there was a college lunch that day ( free lunch + broke college student + meeting new peeps= great church. As the semester wore on, I was challenged and stretched in many different ways. For years I have struggled with confidence and self-esteem and through some coaching and opportunities given, I have made slight improvements in both. I told Jaye I wanted opportunities to teach devotionals and Sunday School. I think most of my lessons went well. I was also given leadership opportunities to run game nights and a special theme night. The theme night was Aloha-Mazing Race. After a lot of prep and work, the night was on. I manned the coconut bowling station, fun. The night ended with Iron Gut and two powerful videos. Overall, I loved running a theme night. So much fun. After Aloha was Montreal which I already blogged about.

Some of my favorite youth nights were the Ekklesia Worship nights. God was moving through everyone in several special ways. One night in particular was the last one in March. Earlier in the week I had a very intense spiritual attack. I was broken, stressed and over tired. Almost immediately into the service God collided with me with the force of a dropkick to the chest. The songs nearly brought me to tears, especially How He Loves Us. All of my stress was gone.

The rest of the semester flew by, my last essays were approaching and managed to get them done just in time. The last few youth nights went well, especially when we served breakfast on Easter Sunday. Just a lot of fun, washing dishes, serving burnt bacon (haha jokes) and yummy pancakes to the Benton family. My final youth night consisted of a famine party. Closing out the 30 hours with 3 kinds of cake and freshly shipped Montreal Bagels. I totally enjoyed working with Jaye, Marcel and the other leadership staff and look forward to once again being back in the fall. The youth there are fantastic, some of which are fellow bloggers. JTI loves all of you!

Overall, this semester was enjoyable. I had some emotionally and spiritually exhausting times, but God was working awesomely through them. New friendships formed both at church and school that mean a lot to me. You know who you are! Sending love. Now I eagerly await the fall, when I see my epic friends again and continue my internship.

God is great!