Friday, April 2, 2010


I am not sure why but my heart lately has been going to one place: Africa. Pastor Jaye made me aware of a village in Kenya called Metaganwe (Met-ang-way). An organization called Caring Partners Global has some ties with Benton Street Baptist. CPG helps get health insurance to people. It costs $35/ year and many people cannot afford it. I've supported some of my friends who are going this year to get electricity to the village and help build some things there. Next year, the necessary buildings will be complete and will need workers. This is where I could come in. I just do not know, part of me wants to go to experience another culture. To see how the love of Christ affects the poor. I hear that despite the fact they have nothing, they are way more happy than North Americans. This is something I need to pray for and need hardcore prayer for.
Does God really want me to go? Those who know me well know that I said I'd never go on missions trips but I kinda hear God leading me here. I've also downloaded some worship songs by The Daraja Children Choir. They have songs with renowned worship singers like Mac Powell, Aaron Shust and Steve Fee. Hearing them sing to Jesus tugs at my heart. Also feels like a call. Lord! Send me to world, to the poor and hungry. This is an opportunity to do something with my faith. Please pray. This could be a huge turning point.