Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Last week, I recieved news that my best friend Matt's mother passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. Legacy is one word I use to describe Donna Gallant. Matthew (Selah) has been a very positive influence in my life. His brother Micah has brought me laughter and heart attacks (back when he drove for our youth group... he was crazy :P)
She planted seeds of the gospel into my heart at an early age. I think I was about maybe 6 or 7 and my mother got a phone call inviting me to a VBS at her house. I vaguely remember going there, playing in the field that overlooked Cannington and learning about Creation, singing a few old school Jesus songs. The Gallant's old house was right near the top of the hill on Park Street, just near the Water Tower with Zachy's Hill just a stone's throw away. Anywho, back on track: Mrs. Gallant was also a substitute teacher while I was in Elementary at old CPS and I remember having her frequently coming in subbing for whoever was sick or away. As a kid, I (and the other classmates... I am not alone here) would likely drive her nuts, but still saw a loving twinkle in her eye as she served the kids in various classes.

Perhaps my favorite memory of Mrs. Gallant is at hockey games. Matthew spent several years as a goalie for my brother's hockey teams, through bad weather and strange new towns like Manvers and northern towns of Haliburton and Minden she took her son (and others who needed rides) with dedication. She was also a very enthusiastic audience member, with literal bells and whistles. Every time I return home for KBHL Hockey, I hear a ringing in my ears. I miss that. I miss the community that came with our hockey. Donna was a strong woman, with a passion for evangelism, Sunday School and Creation. Her attitude was always positive. Always.

Legacy is what she left, her great qualities were passed down to 3 great children to pass on to their future generations. Matt, Micah, Megan: May God bless you as you pass on this legacy.

Donna, thank you for the Godly example you left.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, CFL... etc. Although I am a fan of most, is bleeding the economy dry. Look at how much some of the athletes make:

See that? Terrible. Shows awful greed. Sure when your famous you get fan revenue, sponsorship deals and such but $100 in one year, Tiger Woods? No. To be honest, I'd hate to be rich, having so much money not knowing what to do with would suck and lead to temptation in the world of drugs, alcohol and other vices.

Actors are overpaid as well. For what? entertaining us (except if your name is Seth Rogen... he sucks).

I often ask why these people are paid do dang much? and people who work way harder than any combination of them combined gets barely enough... it's stupid.


Here's a suggstion: they should either make minimum wage, or have a MANDATORY clause in their contract stating they must give at least 1/2 of their money away to a good charity (clean water in Africa, AIDS, Tsunami relief, Haiti etc).

Perhaps this kind of pay cut would help poverty. Perhaps I am bitter... perhaps we cold start a revolution?