Monday, November 30, 2009

A Christmas Green Tea crash (part one?)

So another Christmas season is upon us. Big deal for some, little deal for others. For me, I celebrate the day Christ was born to save the world. But, tragically there have been campaigns to make Xmas "Holiday". I find it kind of silly, but also silly that Christians choose to protest and force the Jesus agenda down people's throats. Now, as of late I have been trying my best to align my values with scripture and fall away from emergent theology but I do not see that as an opportunity to share the gospel. I remember a time where TV specials like the Little Drummer Boy, which vividly depicts a story about the birth of Christ, aired with little or no complaints (that I was aware of). Charlie Brown's Xmas special even had Linus doing a narrative from the book of Luke chapter 2.

Xmas (keep in mind, I use Xmas as a short form for these reasons: Christ (the Greek letter Chi is a X, Christ died on a cross, although they don't look like X, we cross something out with an X. It is NOT NOT NOT a blasphemy to use Xmas as a short form).

The holiday season, is in my opinion one of the best opportunities to hear the good news of Jesus Christ, about His saving grace, salvation through Him. When I share the gospel, I do not like to condemn people who do not follow God to hell, but shed light on the message of the gospel. I think that message needs to be shared more often.

My favorite thing about Christmas (besides family gathering, good food and candlelight services) is the Christmas songs. Either public domain carols or Xmas hymns. My favorites being: The First Noel, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Joy to the World and How Great Our Joy. I also like other songs, loosely based on Xmas: Baby Please Come Home (Anberlin version), Christmas Shoes (TFK version) to name a few. Nothing beats hearing a great version of the Hallelujah chorus or the masterpiece Handel`s Messiah.

I recently have been reunited with an old Xmas favorite: Crash Test Dummies Jingle All the Way album. I forgot that Brad Roberts and Ellen Reid had such good singing voices. Their version of The First Noel is among the most beautiful I have ever heard, this is an iTunes MUST DOWNLOAD.

One more great Xmas tradition is 3 simple words: WORLD JUNIORS HOCKEY!!!
Bring home the Gold again Canada!!!!

As Advent begins, reflect upon Christ and his promise to the world. And for goodness sake, stay away from the malls! Do Xmas shopping online or better yet, not at all.

That's all for now. The crash has worn off.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa