Sunday, May 10, 2009


In May 2002, my parents bought a cottage sitting on 3 acres of beautiful West Guilford, ON, 5 minutes from Haliburton. Where the REAL cottage country is. I have no idea why a massive city like Barrie is considered part of "cottage country". My cottage is a one room cabin, the table, stoves and bed are all in the same room. But that's cool cuz I got a trailer there which is my home. It's tiny, but with a tv and a n64 (for rainy days) I've made it a little bachelor pad.

Haliburton is a small town, much smaller than Cannington where I live. Surrounded by nice fishing lakes and nice little shops Haliburton is a great place to cottage. Heck, I'd live there!

My father was diagnosed with cancer in 2001, almost a year before we got the cottage. And he claims (and I agree) that there is something about the cottage that is very special. He would be feeling like crap, and after a 95 minute drive (not including stops at Mennonite bakeries) being at the cottage would instantly, super naturally heal him briefly. I often went to the cottage to fish, spend time with family and friends and have a few beers while I am there. I love to BBQ and fish, which is a common activity for me there.

Although I don't catch a fish every time, being on the lake with mom & dad means more than a bite from a trout here and there. Like my dad says "if you get a fish every time you go fishing it would not be called fishing, it would be called catching".

Last year, I worked at Camp White Pine, which is 15 minutes away from my cottage. For those who know me well were well aware of the fact that I was often stressed out. Luckily, I had every Friday off and so did my mom. I spent every day off there, getting picked up Thursday night and my stress went away, just for the 24 hours I spent there. That meant so much to me.

Now my cottage means even more because I do not get to go to it as often. This past weekend is my only one for the whole summer. It sucks, but since I'll be working at a camp ( Christian Horizons ) I am still around kind of a runner up for cottage country. Paisley is also a nice small town.