Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What exactly is "Being Christ Like?"

Upon years of reading scripture and sitting through sermons what I hear Christ likeness is, is something like "being a good little boy". That idea has been crammed into my skull for years. Al tough I believe it is good for the mind, soul and person to be a morally decent person, Christ was about more than "being good"... sounds more like Santa Claus. At least Jesus wont leave lumps of coal or turds in your stocking.

Christ was all about love and less about structure on how and why he loves. It was simply flowing through his very being like a reflex. Jesus healed people on the Sabbath, which was a big no no. Much to the chagrin of the Pharisees, Jesus also liked to hang out with tax collectors and whores. All about love. It is almost tragic that the love and even the miracles of Jesus have been left out of Scripture in church and replaced with a 5 point sermon on how to be perfect. I don't go to church for structure (I haven't been to church in 3 months believe it or not). But I go simply to love and worship the God who created me and Jesus who redeemed me. Some followers decide to go and tell others how to live and hand out friendly tracks with fire on the front. That's a better way to make a friend than Facebook!_! First, love and then lovingly come alongside a struggling person (maybe unsaved people, or as my old youth prof calls "normal people") and ask they consider Jesus.. not the breakdown of religion but the love of Christ. It's there for all to accept.

Reconsider Christ-likeness. Love like him! Accept all like him! Hang out with what is considered the bottom rung of the societal ladder. (why it's broken down like that sickens me).

Lately I've been reading Shane Clairborne's the Irresistible Revolution. I read about this guy in Relevant Magazine a few years back and always been intrigued by what he does.
check this out
This guy has the true love of Jesus. Live out your faith and get out of the comfort zone.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Old School Still Rules!

For a change, I will take my blogs mind away from issues in the world. I am a big fan of old school video games. Although I no longer collect them, I still like to play emulators for SNES, NES ans Sega games. All of which I played when I was young. I was especially fond of the Nintendo.

My favorite games in NES include:

Super Mario 3
Mike Tyson's Punchout
The Mega Man Series
The Ninja Gaiden Series
Clash At Demonhead

and more... I discovered Mario Bros when I was only 3, and died at the first goomba.. lol!

Although I love playing my 360, Old School still rules! Pick up a NES someday, pull out the Zapper and play some Duck Hunt