Thursday, May 28, 2009

quotes. Thinkers..

The grace of God is dangerous. It’s lavish, excessive, outrageous, and scandalous. God’s grace is ridiculously inclusive. Apparently God doesn’t care who He loves. He is not very careful about the people He calls His friends or the people He calls His church.

The tragedy of modern faith is that we no longer are capable of being terrified. We aren’t afraid of God, we aren’t afraid of Jesus, we aren’t afraid of the Holy Spirit. As a result, we have ended up with a need-centered gospel that attracts thousands…but transforms no one.

We’re attempting to convince the world how good Jesus is by how great we are. This is precisely how Madison Avenue sells toothpaste, automobiles, and underwear. People don’t need any more images of success, wealth, and power; they’re surrounded already. What they need are their sins forgiven. What they need is healing. What they need is love.

- All quotes by the late Mike Yanonelli. Former Youth Pastor and founder of Youth Specialties.

Most of these were found in his great book Messy Spirituality Which really made me think. I encourage all to watch this video to see his great speeches. A friend told me about him and been hooked ever since. Tragic I never got to meet him, but will someday in heaven.
Watch and enjoy. He'll make you think!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

God of Justice

Lately, I have shared kind of a passion for Social Justice. Here is a song by Tim Huges. I was convicted about many things when I first heard this song. I want to encourage you (and myself) to go out to the world and show love to the lost like this. Take a homeless guy out for coffee, donate some old clothes or serve at a soup kitchen.

God of Justice, Saviour to all
Came to rescue the weak and the poor
Chose to serve and not be served

Jesus, You have called us
Freely we've received
Now freely we will give

We must go live to feed the hungry
Stand beside the broken
We must go
Stepping forward keep us from just singing
Move us into action
We must go

To act justly everyday
Loving mercy in everyway
Walking humbly before You God

You have shown us, what You require
Freely we've received
Now freely we will give

Fill us up and send us out
Fill us up and send us out
Fill us up and send us out Lord

Take Everything

Another melody
Another empty song
I tell myself that
I have praised you
And try and make believe
This is all you want
But once again
I know I’ve missed it
Praising you is not just the songs I sing
Jesus here I am
Take everything

Take the pain inside
Take the brokenness
Don’t stop til there’s nothing left
My arrogance
My pride
The loss of innocence
Jesus, take everything

There’s nothing left I need
That’s when I feel alive
Holy Spirit fall
Fresh upon me
You can have it all

Written by Joseph Rojas

Sunday, May 10, 2009


In May 2002, my parents bought a cottage sitting on 3 acres of beautiful West Guilford, ON, 5 minutes from Haliburton. Where the REAL cottage country is. I have no idea why a massive city like Barrie is considered part of "cottage country". My cottage is a one room cabin, the table, stoves and bed are all in the same room. But that's cool cuz I got a trailer there which is my home. It's tiny, but with a tv and a n64 (for rainy days) I've made it a little bachelor pad.

Haliburton is a small town, much smaller than Cannington where I live. Surrounded by nice fishing lakes and nice little shops Haliburton is a great place to cottage. Heck, I'd live there!

My father was diagnosed with cancer in 2001, almost a year before we got the cottage. And he claims (and I agree) that there is something about the cottage that is very special. He would be feeling like crap, and after a 95 minute drive (not including stops at Mennonite bakeries) being at the cottage would instantly, super naturally heal him briefly. I often went to the cottage to fish, spend time with family and friends and have a few beers while I am there. I love to BBQ and fish, which is a common activity for me there.

Although I don't catch a fish every time, being on the lake with mom & dad means more than a bite from a trout here and there. Like my dad says "if you get a fish every time you go fishing it would not be called fishing, it would be called catching".

Last year, I worked at Camp White Pine, which is 15 minutes away from my cottage. For those who know me well were well aware of the fact that I was often stressed out. Luckily, I had every Friday off and so did my mom. I spent every day off there, getting picked up Thursday night and my stress went away, just for the 24 hours I spent there. That meant so much to me.

Now my cottage means even more because I do not get to go to it as often. This past weekend is my only one for the whole summer. It sucks, but since I'll be working at a camp ( Christian Horizons ) I am still around kind of a runner up for cottage country. Paisley is also a nice small town.