Saturday, January 31, 2009

Random thoughts from a green tea crash

If the church wants to have some kind of hierarchy, they need not follow after a workplace type of thing. Sure, a pastor could be "the boss" and have the leadership teams under him/her but that should not be. Unification should be the forefront of any church. Full agreement, full unification under God.

Since when is a church supposed to be a country club? New people must be embraced with open arms. I do not see forcing them to join right away to be a wise decision. Pressure is a terrible thing to use when "recruiting Christians" to do others dirty work. Because most churches require membership to participate in certain ministries. Especially in smaller churches.

I also think that forcing "religion" down another's throat is blatantly wrong. Many people are skeptic today and the last thing they want to hear is a sermon. Yes, God is great. We all hear it. I admit I love and follow God. But limiting God to a box just feels terrible to me. The church limits God to a box and seems to think that favor is found in followers. Not true, God loves all of us no matter what. We do have a way of relationship thanks to Jesus, who was pretty much God putting on skin and hair to be among us. To look at the world who disobeyed him/it. (God has no gender, so why is it always "him/he" it's a weird habit dude.)

I cannot stand that God is in a box, God is so much bigger than we can imagine. This endless universe, God is omnipresent! How is that possible! and Omnicient?! what? How crazy and cool is that?

One more thing, I am reading a book by Duffy Robins called Ministry of Nurture for a youth class. And there is interesting ideas in it about discipling youth. To quote him: "One of the first tasks in the Christian nurture of teenagers is to help them come to the point where they possess their own faith”

As a possible future youth worker, it's vital that teens/kids/youth find their own faith. Everyone's life story is their own identity, I have seen many Christians with different stories of their "salvation" and it's so interesting and intriguing. Let people find God on their own and stop forcing a "life change or else" kind of thing. I rant way too much, but I need a place to vent Love y'all

Friday, January 23, 2009

Greed of Consumerism is swallowing us.

Although I have been guilty of this, consumerism as of late has really been making me sick. I'll take Christmas for example. To the Christian, it is a time of celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ (despite the fact he might not of been born in December, originally derived from a pagan holiday. But going on. I used to love Christmas, everything about it. But now marketing has ruined it. Now December 25th seems to be an excuse to buy gifts. It's taken away my love for the day. Yes, I like presents and I like giving but it just bothers me seeing where the world has taken this once important feeling day. Now, I like gifts and giving but it has gotten ridiculous. The line-ups, the crowds. So unnecessary. Like, those self-checkouts: so convenient but do you cut a person off with a large cart with at least $500 in it? When someone has like a $30 purchase to get in and out. Seems unjust.

Black Friday, in the USA is right after their Thanksgiving and is the biggest shopping day of the year. People stupidly line up for days and hours to "get the best deals" which in my mind is pathetic. Even more pathetic that people get so worked up when stores open that a few people end up getting trampled to death every year. I assume the people stomping on the victim have no care and a one track mind: to buy the best deal.
Here in Canada malls are open late, people line up for hours to see a fat man in a red suit and I see none of this "Christmas Cheer" I hear so much about, but instead pushing and shoving to get to the cheapest copy of Tickle Me Elmo Remix 2008 Edition. When/If I have kids, I will try not to spoil them.
Such greed is consuming God's world, there's never enough.

I guess I am just ranting, or I'm a contstant complainer.

Over and Out

keep your stick on the ice

Thursday, January 22, 2009


So, I have caught on the trend to write a blog. Here I go.

When I was young, I was introduced to the gospel of Christ. Although I got "saved" at age 11, nothing sank in until almost a decade later. Went to Awana, Youth the whole deal. I just was not living a life God calls me to.
See, I had bouts with alcohol, depression and suicidal thoughts. Not a severe as some cases, but I did have my suicide note almost memorized. At one point, I stared at a massive butcher knife from my dad's collection (duh he's a butcher). Something prevented me from doing it. Lets start before that.

Many people dream of the day they turn 19 (well, in Canada at least) and right after school I hit the bar and it was a blur til 2 days after. Quite a bender indeed. In the small town I live, everyone knew I was old enough to drink, so I paid nothing for my booze. Being the first of my friends to turn 19, I was indeed the one to buy it. Got wasted every weekend, but here's the kicker. Almost every Sunday I was in church, listening to the gospel message. Hungover. A year passes and I feel super depressed, and wanted to die which I explained earlier. A good friend discipled me, rededicated my life to Christ, became more involved in church and came to bible college.
That's my story in a nut shell.

Over and Out

Trust God and do not lean on your own understanding. He will guide your paths and make them straight.